Which Flowers Are Best Given To Loved Ones?

Which Flowers Are Best Given To Loved Ones?

Who doesn’t love flowers? Bliss Flowers offer comfort and helps in bringing people together. Different meanings are often associated with flowers. While white Lilies symbolise purity, pink ones signify prosperity. Pink Roses represent grace and gentleness whereas red roses indicate love, desire and passion. Flowers are often gifted to loved ones based on the meanings or based on their preference. Flowers are also used to grace up different occasions. They evoke a warm and pleasant feeling. J’adore Les Roses have extensive collection of flowers which can be used for numerous purposes. Our flowers online delivery system brings flowers of your choice at your doorstep. Fresh flowers blended with excellent service have turned us into the best flower shop UAE. Search for the leading ‘florist near me’ you will find J’adore Les Roses ranked at the top of the list.

Below are some of the flowers which can be gifted to a loved one.

Infinity Roses

Infinity roses as the name suggests are roses which last for a long time. Infinity roses are fresh roses treated with a scientific formula. If looked after properly they can even last for a year. The freshness, smell and appearance will remain intact. At J’adore Les Roses you can find infinity roses in gorgeous colours and in mesmerising arrangements. These roses will definitely win anyone’s heart.


A symbolism of perfect love, tulips come in diverse colours. Different coloured tulips have different meanings. For instance pink tulips are known for affection and good wishes while white tulips are known for honour, respect, forgiveness and sympathy. Choose from J’adore Les Roses a White Holland Tulip bouquet or a Mixed Pink and White Holland Tulip bouquet to express your different emotions to your dear ones.


Sunflowers are synonyms with loyalty and adoration. They also represent long life, fortune, optimism, happiness and so on. Send the beautiful bouquet of Sunflowers with Eucalyptus and Asters through our flowers online delivery to tell someone how much they mean to you and how much you admire them.


Orchids have a mystifying appearance. These flowers signify elegance, grace, new beginnings, fertility etc. They are the perfect gifts for any occasion. Spread joy by purchasing our Black Small Box with Orchid, Double Colour 4 Short Orchids, or Double Colour Single Stem Orchids from our online flower shop Dubai.


Hydrangeas represent gratitude, grace, abundance, harmony and wealth. Hydrangeas can be mixed with different flowers to make attractive bouquets and arrangements. Select our Pretty in Pink, A New Day, and Snow White flower arrangement containing stunning hydrangeas to express your deepest emotion.

Red Roses

Red roses which are popularly known as the most romantic flowers symbolise love, beauty, passion and joy. They are the perfect gift to tell someone your sincere feelings. Buy our fresh and incredible rose collection to make any day extraordinary and memorable. We have several collections like Red Roses in Black Small Square Box, Red Roses in White Medium Square Box, Red Roses in Gold Round Box (Dome), 50 red roses hand bouquet and many more.

Orange Roses

Orange roses are given on occasions wherein you want express sincerity and gratitude. They also signify enthusiasm, excitement, energy etc. Buy any of our orange hued rose collection like Orange Roses in White Small Square Box, Orange Roses in Black Small Square Box, Orange Roses in Gold Round Box, Orange Roses in Bronze Round Box with Orchid etc and brighten up your loved ones day by gifting these fiery bunches of orange roses.

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